Sunday, January 24, 2010

Poconos Hillside in Winter

This painting was inspired by a photo in the monthly Landscape Challenge on the Wetcanvas art forum. The original photo was taken somewhere in Canada, but it reminds me a lot of the snow-covered forests in the rocky hills of the Poconos mountains of northern PA. It was an interesting challenge to produce realistic snow while not also making the painting feel cold or uninviting.

Acrylic painting: 14" x 17"

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  1. Hi Matthew:
    I like your new painting...I have never really played around with acrylics, they dry a lot faster than oils, so I would probably have a lot of fun since I tend to be somewhat impatient! Thanks for your comments on my new pianting. I enjoy painting glass but its easy to overwork. I try to squint my eyes down pretty good to see only the lights darks and strong highlghts...its easy to get caught up in the details. Hope you are not buried up to your eyes in snow! I lived in Silver Spring some years back and was always stunned at how a few inches could really create a panic! Keep up the good work.