Saturday, March 14, 2015

A new home for my Megaman games

One of my other hobbies has been creating video games, in particular a couple of Megaman fan games. These were created in Gamemaker several years back, run on Windows, and have been updated over the years. They were originally stored on Yoyo Games (the creators of Gamemaker), but they got rid of their "sandbox" area for developers late last year as they switched to a different business model which is... less conducive to hobbyist game developers.

I then decided to put the games up on Google Drive, where they still exist, but I also recently found another website that freely hosts indie games and hobbyist games -

A link is provided below.

If you search on "Megaman," you'll find the latest version of both games ("Megaman: Dr. Wily Wanders Off" and "Megaman: Dark Legacy") You probably have to create an account with gamejolt to download the games (fully self-contained executable files under 5 megs in size.)

Megaman: Dr. Wily Wanders Off

Megaman: Dark Legacy

Note that Megaman and all associated IP is the rights of Capcom. These are fan games and not to be sold. Enjoy!

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