Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunlit Hillside and Storm Clouds

I've decided to paint something that is about as "opposite" as one can get from the unending blizzards and snow that have hammered the region this winter. This scene, taken from a reference image in this month's Landscape Challenge on the Wetcanvas forums, is of a bunch of small trees on a sunlit hillside moments before a late afternoon thunderstorm unleashes a torrent of rain over the lands. The cloudscape was inspired by one of Bierstadt's works, though his scene was of a similar storm over a small farm. Either way, I think most of us would welcome rain vs. snow and ice at this point!

Acrylic painting 14" x 17"


  1. Hi Matthew!

    It's Helen (Heliona). I tried to email you but I guess the email address I had for you is no longer valid.

    Anyway, first of all: I love your paintings. They're brilliant - really capture the light.

    Secondly, how are you? Busy painting, obviously.

  2. Holy moly - I remember you from the Lord of the Rings forums! How have you been, Helen? I sent you an email, at least to the email address that I have, so hopefully it gets through.

    Glad you like my painting!

  3. Indigo Incarnates

    I really like this painting. The sunlight on the copse of trees really highlights the promise of spring, warmth, and light.